The Semenic Mountains are a part of the southern group of the Occidental Carpathians, culminating with the Piatra Goznei Peak (1447 m) and the Semenic Peak (1445 m) and representing an important hydrographical knot – ,,the water castle of Banat” – from which Timis, Nera, Barzava and others spring. As to their geological make-up, we can separate two crystalline areas: the Minis area and the Sebes area. The relief descends from the north of the Semenic Peak until the Nemanu Mare Peak (1122 m). In the area where the Timis springs are located is the Garana depression, formed through differential erosion. In these mountains we don’t find any glacial traces, only the effect of preglacial moulding, nival depressions, soil wavings and pyramidal peaks. Besides the Semenic Mountains, in the same group, we can also find the Anina Mountains and the Dognecea Mountains, which form the core of the Banat Mountains. This whole mountain ensemble is an important tourist area, where a complex tourism can be practiced. The natural reservations Semenic – Cheile Carasului and Cheile Nerei-Beusnita, which are of great value and beauty, can be found in this area.
The Semenic Tourist Complex is found at a height of over 1400 m altitude, between the Piatra Gozna and Semenic peaks, situated in an attractive natural cadre, benefiting from winter-sports facilities and easy access routes. Besides a funicular, access roads from Resita to Valiug and from Slatina Timis to Trei Ape - Garana exist. This second road links with the Timisoara - Bucuresti railway through Slatina-Timis, which is 20 km away on the E 70 road from Caransebes.
The Semenic area has the advantage of a long period of snow, like on Muntele Mic. There are quite a few places in the country, where the snow persists, even 6 months in a year. The tourists find here a ski lift and a few ski tracks, and the Semenic resort has over 400 hosting places mostly of them being in the Gozna, Nedeea and Semenic chalets, and in the local villas.


Near the resort on the peak, on the Slatina Timis - Semenic road, we can find another group of chalets, at Trei Ape and Garana, where water-sports can be practiced on the lake.
The Garana (Wolfsberg) and Brebu Nou (Weidental) villages have succeeded, from long ago, to affirm their tourist functionality, especially in the so-called mountain tourism, because the locals of German origin in this area rented, from long ago, rooms for the tourists who came there; they were the first who practiced rural tourism in the mountains in Banat. Numerous lodging houses, which offer quality tourist services, exist there. Annually, numerous manifestations are organized, among them being an appreciated jazz festival.


Although they are linked more to Resita, the Semenic centre and Garana - Brebu - Trei Ape, through the repairing of the access from Slatina - Timis, it would be a tourist core with good access roads, with beautiful areas and sport facilities, which together with the other areas in the county, could rival with many resorts in the country or in the world.